20050920 : Asian Meeting Festival


■ Asian Meeting Festival ■
9/23 advance ticket:3,500yen ticket ontheday:4,000yen
@Pit-inn, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Dicson Dee(Laptop/Hong Kong)
Wang Fan(Laptop/Peking、TBA)
I.S.O.[yoshimitsu Ichiraku(Per), Sachiko M(Sinewaves)Otomo Yoshihide (Turntable)]
Astronoise [Hong Chulki(Electronics/Seoul), Choi Joonyong(Electronics/ Seoul)]
Ryu Hankil(Electronics/ Seoul)
Jin Sangtae(Electronics/ Seoul)
Joe Foster(Tp/ Seoul)

24(sat)~25(sun) / Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra Special
Otomo Yoshihide(G), Dickson Dee(Laptop), Dino(Laptop),Wang Fan(Laptop、TBA), Hong Chulki(Electronics), Choi Joonyong(Electronics), Ryu Hankil (Electronics), Jin Sangtae(Electronics), Joe Foster(Tp), Yukie Sato(G/ Seoul), Sachiko M(Sine waves), Masahiko Okura(Sax,Tubes), Kenta Tsugami(Sax), Taisei Aoki(Tb/only 25th), Hiroaki Mizutani(B), Kumiko Takara(Vib), Yasuhiro Yoshigaki(Ds), Ichiraku yoshimitsu(Per/only 24th), Taku Hannoda(G, Elctronics), Atsuhiro Ito(Optron), Kahimi Karie (Vo) and other special guests will sit in the shows.

First time in Japan, we are having a lot of new improvisational electronic musicians from China, Taiwan and Korea. They will form a new orchestra with some Japanese musicians whom Otomo picks up. On the first day, we will have some solo concerts of overseas musicians, and the I.S.O concert in Tokyo after many years. On the second and third days, we will have the first collaboration works of new musicians from China, Korea and Japan. Don’t miss the historical moment!