20191006~1009 : AME Residency 2018/2019 Joonyong CHOI & Sangtae JIN @Dai Hall, Huddersfield, UK


ame piazza residency 2019 with Sangtae Jin + Joonyong Choi
October 2nd Wednesday – 9th Wednesday

This is the third ame international residency programme after our successful past residency with Ben Gwilliam, Seiji Morimoto and Sarah Kenchington, that accommodates new ways of interpreting space and architecture + experiencing sound.  This time invites two sound artists from Seoul to Huddersfield town and deliver their first collaboration to make a site specific sound installation.

5th Saturday
Exhibition Opening 17:30 –
Talk + Performance by Jin and Choi 19:00 – 21:30
with a guest appearance Luciano Maggiore and Louie Rice delivering a duo of unrewarding task-based actions.

6th Sunday – 9th Wednesday
installation 11:00-17:00 free

9th Wednesday
Exhibition Closing £5
Q&A + Performance 19:00 – 21:30
with special guest appearance Linda Jankowska (violin, percussion, electronics) and Colin Frank (percussion, electronics) delivering Vestiges of actions. In search for alternative understandings. Precipices from which the known can be unknown. And vice versa, relentlessly.