Tangent, Jin Sangtae, Choi Joonyong [Antler Juice]

Release Date : 2005-09-23
Release : postmoderncore / new zealand
Media Type : CD
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2005년 9월, Relay 03때의 라이브실황을 녹음.

Tangent (Sam Stephen) / laptop, microphone, flute, okarina, toy guitar, throat.
Jin Sangtae / minidisc, guitar pickup, radio
Choi Joonyong / CD Player

Antler Juice is the first pressed CD released by postmoderncore. It was recorded at Relay 03 on 2005/09/16 in Seoul, Korea. It was a collaboration of three experimental electronic artists, 진상태 (Jin Sangtae), 최준용 (Choi Joonyong) (South Korea), and tangent (New Zealand). This was the first time the trio had played together, put in a spontaneous grouping by Relay organiser Ryu Hankil on the night.

Tangent (Samstephen)  http://www.postmoderncore.com
최준용 Choi Joonyong http://www.balloonnneedle.com