Jin Sangtae [Extensity Of Hard Disk Drive]

Release Date : 2008-10-08
Label : balloon and needle
Media Type : CD

1. fixed 18:21
2. extension 13:21
3. room for space 23:45

Jin Sangtae : Hard disk drives

performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jin Sangtae.
recorded at space dotolim, 2008.
designed by Choi Joonyong

진상태의 첫번째 하드디스크 즉흥연주 작품. 진상태의 라이너노트 수록 (한글, English)

진상태는 용산전자상가에서 아르바이트로 일했던 경험으로 라디오, 랩탑, 컴퓨터파워, 하드디스크 등 전자장비를 이용하여 자신만의 연주방법을 개발해왔다. 본 앨범에서는 두 개의 하드디스크를 스피커로 이용하여, 피드백 사운드로 하드디스크를 진동시켜 소리가 발생하는 것을 녹음하였다. 그 결과물은 전자 시그널 사운드와 하드디스크의 똑딱거리는 물리적인 소리가 섞여 스튜디오의 앰비언스 안에서 마치 고장난 듯한 그루브를 만들어냈다 – By balloon and needle official homepage.

From his experience as a part-time worker in Yong-san electronic market, he has developed his way of playing electronic goods such as radio, laptop,computer power, and hard disk drive. On this album, he used two hard disk drives as speakers. When feedback sound goes into the hard disk drives they vibrate and emit sound. Jin Sangtae picked up those sounds in his studio. The result is a mixture of sound from electronic signal and physical sound from hard disk drive ticking, creating a broken groove with the ambience of the studio.  – By balloon and needle official homepage.

* 닻올림에서의 작업 사진 picture in space ‘dotolim’

* 벌룬앤니들의 공식 소개 페이지 official introducing from label ‘balloon and needle’

*  review by Brian Olewnick

Jin continues a recent interest of his in overt rhythmic elements, mechanical but gritty at the same time, playing amplified hard drives. Though the rhythms are static, the sound envelope around them is by turns billowy, rough, grainy, feedback-laden, making for an intriguing dichotomy for the listener to deal with. Sometimes things become almost primitively tribal, albeit a faux kind of primitivism I associate with bands like Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. It’s rocky and disjointed listening, not easy, and though I’m frankly not sure if this particular avenue is going to be one I’m prone to enjoy negotiating in the years to come, I’m glad there’s someone out there testing the environs. 

* review on Vitalweekley 652 by Frans de Waard

Jin Sangtae (who actually recorded the previous disc reviewed:bnn20) worked as a part-timer on the Yong-san electronic market in 1994, and its there where he found his interest using hard disk drives and radio’s as the source for his improvised music. On this CD he limits himself to using just two hard disk drives, disassembled and ‘manipulating the vibration that occurs when they emit sound’, all captured with a microphone, so that the space has a say too in the whole. Its not easy to imagine what Sangtae does when he plays these, but the music makes a great impression. Surely we can say that this is noise. The sound is loud but utterly ‘dry’, almost like acoustic noise. Rhythmic, buzzing, feedback like (but never forming a real wall of sound) and it makes the drives almost singing. Not easy noise to sink into, but highly demanding music. At the length in which it now arrives – three tracks, over fifty-five minutes – is however a bit long – almost like an endurance test. Perhaps a bit shorter would have increased the intensity a bit more.