Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Jin Sangtae and Park Seungjun [Live at dotolim]


Release Date : 2012-02-01
Label : Eh?
Media Type : CDR

01. Trio I
02. Seungjun & Alice
03. Sangtae & Alice
04. Trio II

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang – extended vocal technique
Park Seungjun – spring reverb, speaker, stand light
Jin Sangtae – hard disk drive, radio, PDA

Artwork by Jason Zeh

Reviews: (Ampersand Etcetera) Looking on the web, dotolim seems to be a small venue for live webcast performances. Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Park Seungjun and Jin Sangate performed their live at dotolim in Jan 2010 (Eh?70). Park and Jin provide a backdrop of ambient whitenoice crackling electronica through spring reverb, speaker, standlight, hard disk drive, radio and PDA. This varies in intensity and volume, although generally restrained and quiet sometimes plucky, others pulsing. The key to the release is Alice’s voice – she is credited with ‘extended vocal technique’ and she has quite a range – sounding at times like Yoko Ono, Tuvan throat singers, quavery tones, moaning, a sax and more. The group move through their 48 minutes rising and falling, building and releasing, in a work that again provides a thoughtful mood. – Jeremy Keens