Jin Sangtae

Soundcloud channel

– recording

– video (windows media 9 or higher)

Relay (
Jin Sangtae (Solo Perfomance)
(Live @Iry Cafe, Relay 00)

Jin Sangtae + Kim Tae-eun (Live @Iry Cafe, Relay 01)

Jin Sangtae + Joe Foster + Andrew Garton (Live @Iry Cafe, Relay 02)

Jin Sangtae + Tangent (Sam Stephen) + Choi Joonyong (Live @Iry Cafe, Relay 03)

Jin Sangtae + Choi Jungho (Live @Iry Cafe, Relay 04)

Jin Sangtae + Ryu Hankil + Joe Foster + Choi Joonyong + Hong Chulki + Park Seungjun (Live @afterhours, RELAY Funeral)

Jin Sangtae + Ryu Hankil + Park Seungjun (Live @afterhours, RELAY Funeral)

– on Youtube

진상태 on Youtube

Jin Sangtae on Youtube

Dotolim (

닻올림 아카이브 dotolim archive channel

닻올림 유튜브 채널 dotolim youtube channel


balloon and needles’s vimeo channel

Jin Sangtae + Joe Foster (Live @Bowie, Sound of Confusion Vol.2)

Jin Sangtae + Choi Joonyong + Dydsu (Live @Bowie, Sound of Confusion Vol.2)

Jin Sangtae + Park Seungjun + Lobotomy (Live @Bowie, Tablesetting Vol.2)


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